Women Retreat


Prescott Diamond Retreat is a beautiful restored home on a private lot. Feeling at home at The Retreat is our goal for all of our guests. At Northern Lights Slumber Weekend Summer Getaway, many girls enjoy tapping into their feminine nature. 

So we setup a spa-night theme to give each other facials, paint each other’s nails, or style your hair together.

To make this more fun, you can also get busy by working on a project together. Consider making your own autographed pillowcases—that way everyone can take it home when the sleepover is over as a memory. 

Use a small video camera to make a homemade movie of all your memories throughout the night, or write and film a unique one all on your own. 

Before heading to bed, end the night with a game of Who Am I. In the game, each girl writes down five things she likes and doesn’t like on a sheet of paper. At the end, everyone puts their list in a basket and takes turns reading one from the list. Everyone can guess who wrote what and talk about their interests and disinterests, allowing them to get even closer to each other before dozing off.

All food and drinks, gift bags with pillow cases are included in price. Three glasses of wine limit per night!
We hope your stay will be a memorable one!